Monday, March 24, 2014

SED 406

Prof. Kraus

3 / 24 /14    To my Classmates,

I have created this post for you to reflect on my lesson today.  I hope you learned a little about how life works and why rabbits can be pretty scary when left unattended.

Please share with me your thoughts on my teaching skills.

Many Thanks


  1. Viv,
    I really like how you used a strength of yours to teach and it was art. You let us create our own creation. I like how you connected the ideas of an invading species and let us do a hands-on visual. The creations we made really solidified how one small or big animal can impact an ecosystem.
    One small improvement that I would advise you to work on is being a little more familiarized with PC. Most schools do not have Macs (I wish they did) and I think we both need to work on that. I, have become too comfortable in the apple realm.
    I also really liked the pace that you used while talking, I understood every word and what you were trying to teach. I also liked how you shared a bit about yourself with us, I thought it was cool.

  2. Viv, I liked your example of rabbits in Australia and how it has affected environmental conditions there. I previously did not know that rabbits were such a problem down there, and it is crazy to think that humans are to blame. These are the types of lessons that I enjoy. Ones that tell a story while introducing a concept. I will most likely never forget that Australia has a rabbit infestation, and I will always relate it to the fact that it was presented to me through an invasive species lesson. Ever consider human beings an invasive species? Nice Job!! Brian