Monday, April 21, 2014

Why should we care about Potholes

Hey fellow classmates.  I didn't think to leave my thoughts on how I feel my lesson went. . .I don't think the "skeleton" of the plan was very strong.  That said, I always would like a second chance to do a better job.  I need to figure out a format in which to present the information, it was disorganized.   I do like the topic, but this plan needs work. So please leave your comments regarding my manner, whether I gave you enough time to think, etc. here.  (Seriously, don't hold back I would really appreciate your help).  And sorry about the pink marker Caroline!


  1. this is absolutely great... that's all.

  2. I absolutely adored your lesson! I think it was highly informative and Rhode Islanders can really relate to your lesson. I loved the solutions that are being used in foreign countries especially the video of that guy walking on custard. That simply blew me away! I really did love your lesson completely so I don't have anything negative to say. Thank you for the awesome lesson!!!! :)

  3. Hey Viv,
    I thought the topic you chose for your MicroTeaching 2 lesson was really great! The topic in itself was very interesting, especially for Rhode Islanders. I loved that you included videos and presented the possible solutions for the pothole issue. I think you did a good job with the indirect instruction portion of the lesson. If I could offer any bit of advice, it would be to maybe allow the students more time to do the research and then segue into the next phase. However, I do think you did a really great job! You knew your material well and I can honestly say that I learned something about potholes that I didn't know before. By the way, like I mentioned earlier, I liked that you picked a topic that interests the students that you are teaching. Obviously, Rhode Island is plagued with potholes on almost every street, so the RI students are going to take a bigger interest to the possible solutions for the potholes.
    Great Job!!!

  4. Viv,

    I really enjoyed your lesson on potholes and found non-newtonian fluids fascinating! The topic was a great choice to teach, as everyone who has ever operated or ridden in a motor vehicle on Rhode Island roads knows potholes all too well. One of the things I never knew too much about was how potholes actually form, and now I understand the physical process that inevitably results in broken axles, bent tie-rods, and blown tires.
    Before you taught your lesson, I can honestly say I had never heard of non-newtonian fluids. They seem like a great alternative to our current methods of repairing roads, and I'd be interested to learn more about them. Also, the video with the guy walking across a pool of custard was awesome.

    Overall I thought you did a great job with your lesson, even though you admitted to having difficulty with indirect instruction. It would have been really interesting to see an example of non-newtonian fluids in class (some custard would have been a tasty treat) and I think this lesson would make for a great science lab.